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 GORGEOUS PURE COLLAGEN POWDER-boleh lihat kesan seawal seminggu

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PostSubject: GORGEOUS PURE COLLAGEN POWDER-boleh lihat kesan seawal seminggu   Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:25 pm


**Concentrated Collagen Powder**

Must Have!!!!!

Nourish Skin from the Inside!

Kawal intake collagen anda sendiri!!!

What is Gogen???

Gogen is pure collagen powder @ concentrated collagen powder from extremely pure and highly absorbable fish collagen peptide which offers higher levels of absorption.The transparency of the solution proves the purity!

The longer you stay on the product, the better your results will be.

Raw material and ingredients are imported from Europe and produced in Malaysia. Gogen is a dietary supplement made from fish collagen.

Main Ingredients:

-Collagen Peptide
-From extremely pure and highly absorbable fish collagen peptide.
-Offers higher levels of absorption.
-Other Ingredient:
-Vit C
-The essential vitamin that supports collagen.

Kebanyakkan produk claim ada collagen tp sebenarnya lg banyak campuran lain dr collagen tu. Padahal sikit je yg dorg letak. Dengan Gogen Collagen, anda boleh kawal sendiri berapa banyak collagen yg anda nk ambil setiap hari. Bukan tu je,anda juga boleh campur Gogen dengan minuman kegemaran anda. Samada minuman panas atau sejuk,takde pantang larang. Yang lagi best anda juga boleh campur sekali dlm moisturizer dan body lotion. Gogen ni memang pure collagen powder,boleh bawa Gogen kemana saja,time keje,time berdating,time shopping,time kenduri. Tapi,dinasihatkan jangan bancuh collagen ni dengan air kosong sbb memang tak boleh telan atau tekak tak dapat terima.

Boleh dicampur dengan air sejuk atau panas tanpa merosakkan khasiatnya.

1 botol mengandungi 155,000mg collagen (180gram bottle)
4 teaspoon = 5000mg collagen + 1000mg vit c

Benefit ?

Improve complexion (Flawless)
Glowing and radiant complexion
Improve hair,improve nails & connective tissues
Smooth skin texture
To a fairer,more translucent skin (Whitening)
Fat reduction
Rejuvenates,regenerates and revitalizes the skin all over the body
Strengthens scalp,hair follicles and nails
Strengthens and balances the immune system
Improves elasticity, suppleness and firmness of the skin
Helps scars to fade faster
Promote tissue regeneration to heal injured skin
Skin felt less oily
Reducing the appearance of fine line,wrinkles and pores
Improvements to the dark circle,eye bags & saggy skin

GOGEN is perfect for anyone who:

Is looking for a naturally skin whitening solution
Is serious about protecting their skin and improving its appearance - eliminate age signs such as wrinkle and fine lines
Busy and have no time to take care of their skin
Has frequent skin exposure to hot sun and air pollution

There are no particular items that should be avoided with collagen intake. (Boleh campur dgn suppliment lain)

Cara nk amik Gogen:

1. Bancuh minuman kegemaran anda / tuang jus kegemaran dlm cwn mcm kat gmbr 1st tu.
2. Ambil 1 teaspoon Gogen,masukkn dlm minuman td,kacau hingga sebati.
3. Lepas da sebati tu da boleh minum....

gogen best mix dgn coffee,tea,milo,jus atau ape2 jenis minuman..takde pantg larg ye,nk amik masa panas pon boleh teaspoon atau half teaspoon everytime nk amik tu....sehari disarankan amik dlm 4 teaspoon.

breakfast - 1 teaspoon
lunch - 1 teaspoon
ptg - 1 teaspoon
dinner ataupon b4 tdow - 1 teaspoon.

4 teaspoon=5000mg collagen + 1000mg vit c

kalau nk amik half teaspoon eveytime nk campur tu pon boleh. nak amik lebih pon boleh..

cuma jgn campur dgn air kosong,sbb xkan boleh telan sbb x sedap lgsg k.


20gram - RM35
30gram - RM45
40gram - RM55
60gram - RM72
90gram - RM90
180gram - RM158

*Semua packaging dalam botol!!!!

Boleh ambil Gogen Collagen jika mengandung atau menyusu bayi?
Collagen adalah makanan tambahan dari sumber semulajadi. Bagaimanapun,bagi ibu-ibu yang mengandung atau menyusu bayi disarankan agar mendapat khidmat nasihat doktor terlebih dahulu.

Bolehkah saya mengambil Gogen Collagen ketika haid @ menstrual cycle?
Selamat untuk mengambil collagen pada bila-bila masa tetapi jika ada keraguan dapatkan nasihat doktor terlebih dahulu.

Kesan seawal seminggu-
Improvement in skin smoothness.
Area yang kasar dibahagian siku,tumit akan semakin lembut.
Boleh lihat perbezaan pada skin complexion,semakin flawless.

If you want your skin still looks as good as now when you get older, you should consider drinking it.
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GORGEOUS PURE COLLAGEN POWDER-boleh lihat kesan seawal seminggu
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